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Trust Label

With the Digital Trust Label, we’re putting trust, simplicity and transparency back into tech. Created in Switzerland – and inspired by stakeholders like you – the Digital Trust Label is the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

A commitment to digital responsibility

We believe that trust, transparency and technology belong together. But as digitalization accelerates, it is getting more and more difficult to understand what’s happening with your data. Algorithms and other digital tools operate in the background and can leave you feeling insecure when using digital services.

With the Digital Trust Label, we’re putting trust and transparency back into tech. Created in Switzerland, the Digital Trust Label is the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

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Meet the Digital Trust Pioneers and their labelled services


Can I count on a certain standard of security?

Data Protection

How is your data protected?


How reliable is the service delivery?

Fair User Interaction

Is an automated decision-making mechanism involved?

Three main benefits for users and organisations

Get Audited

1. Adherence to a certain standard

The digital service fulfills 35 mandatory criteria across four dimensions.

2. More transparency and information for users

Users understand what’s happening to their data when they use the digital services.

3. Responsible companies

Companies demonstrate that they take their responsibility toward users of their digital services seriously.

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Media coverage of the Digital Trust Label

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Building the first Digital Trust Label

The Digital Trust Label was developed together with the main partner EPFL in a multi-stakeholder process and supported by leading academic institutions in Switzerland, first-mover companies, an audit company and public consultation of civil society and consumer organizations.

The label has been spearheaded by the non-profit foundation Swiss Digital Initiative with headquarters in Geneva. Our work is supported by the Swiss government, foundations such as Mercator, and the association digitalswitzerland.

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“Client trust and security are natural cornerstones of Swiss banking. This also applies in the digital world. Credit Suisse supports the piloting of the Digital Trust Label, as it increases transparency with regard to data flows and security in digital processes.”

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André Helfenstein
CEO Credit Suisse Switzerland

“Financial services require greater trust in digital services than ever before. We support and believe in the Digital Trust Label as a driver towards greater transparency and accountability”

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Moses Ojeisekhoba
CEO Reinsurance, Swiss Re

“The digital world is fast and easy, but also anonymous. Which digital services can I rely on, which provider can I trust, are the questions critical to success. Swisscom supports the Digital Trust Label and the underlying independent audit process because it creates transparency and builds trust in the digital world.”

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Urs Schaeppi
CEO Swisscom