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About the Digital Trust Label

We believe that trust, transparency and technology belong together. But as digitalization accelerates, it is getting more and more difficult to understand what’s happening with your data. Algorithms and other digital tools operate in the background and can leave you feeling insecure when using digital services.

With the Digital Trust Label, we’re putting trust and transparency back into tech. Created in Switzerland, the Digital Trust Label is the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

We want to empower users everywhere to feel safe and secure when they use digital services. And we want to give organizations a way to convey their commitment to credibility. With an intuitive, streamlined layout and plain, jargon-free language, the Digital Trust Label builds confidence by increasing transparency where it matters. It means we all benefit from the advantages of technological advances – now and in the future.


Can I count on a certain standard of security?

Data Protection

How is your data protected?


How reliable is the service delivery?

Fair User Interaction

Is an automated decision-making mechanism involved?

digital trust matters

Whether in our personal or professional life, we look for trust to feel at ease and engage with others easily. The same applies to the digital world. Growing complexity and opaqueness, coupled with various scandals around data breaches and discrimination by algorithmic systems, are fueling mistrust in digital services. Now is the time to establish digital trust through more transparency and better information and harness the beneficial potential of digital technologies for our societies.


The Swiss Digital Initiative believes that the Digital Trust Label makes an important contribution toward building digital trust. At the same time, we understand that trust is a complex concept and cannot be solely addressed through the label. Instead, we envision a comprehensive view and have outlined our vision and ideas in the Digital Trust Framework that features in our Digital Trust Whitepaper.

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Benefits for Users

We want to empower users everywhere to feel safe and secure when they use digital services (please also see our clarification here).

Whenever you see the Digital Trust Label, you can expect:

More transparency and information

Transparent information tells you how a digital service is, for example, handling your user information. You’ll also be informed whether the digital service relies on an automated decision-making mechanism, enabling you to better understand the potential impacts of that digital service.

Reduced complexity

You will receive relevant information about technology and digital services in plain English, free of technical jargon and corporate speak. The intuitive, streamlined layout makes it easy to access relevant information at a glance.

Empowered decision-making

The Digital Trust Label empowers you with the knowledge and confidence to make informed choices about the digital services you want to use. It means you’re in control of assessing the trustworthiness of digital services you use.

Benefits for Organisations

The Digital Trust Label gives organizations a way to convey their commitment to credibility (please also see our clarification here). Get certified and start building trust in your digital services today. Benefits include:

Better regulatory compliance

The regulatory landscape for digital technologies is rapidly evolving – but not always in a coordinated and clear way. This can leave companies struggling to conduct business in compliance with complex new rules. Certification based on a solid assessment can help companies navigate new and shifting regulatory landscapes.

Response to growing user demands

Organizations using the Digital Trust Label signal their understanding that trust must be earned as technology, consumer expectations and business opportunities evolve. The Digital Trust Label puts the user at the heart of the experience.

Competitive advantage through credible trustworthiness

By signing up for the Digital Trust Label, you agree to an audit as part of the certification process. This sends a strong signal to your users about the trustworthiness of your digital services. The Digital Trust Label makes digital services comparable and enables organizations to aspire to achieve an ambitious rating, leading to a competitive advantage.

Media Coverage of the Digital Trust Label

History and development of the Label

Digital Trust cannot be defined by one actor alone, but can only be the result of the close collaboration of all relevant actors: academia, civil society, consumer protection, the private and public sector. This is why the SDI involved all relevant stakeholders in the development and made the criteria and development process as transparent as possible.

The Label is understood as an ongoing and collaborative effort to strengthen trust in a digital service through increased understanding and transparency. While other organizations around the globe are pursuing similar initiatives, SDI and its Digital Trust Label are the most developed initiative from 50+ similar initiatives worldwide as a study revealed.

The Label development is an iterative process, hence, it will be continuously developed. In 2021, a first Label will be released focussing on whether a digital service meets our mandatory criteria or not. Building on this version, initial experience will be gathered and the label will then be further developed and expanded.

Our Label Expert Committee (LEC) is dedicated to working on the label catalogue criteria and formulates label recommendations to the SDI Board.

The LEC consists on average of 10 experts from academia, economy, data and consumer protection, legal, human rights and digital ethics to represent a diverse and inclusive expert view.

The LEC’s work is coordinated by the EPFL Center for Digital Trust (C4DT).

List of Members of the LEC – Status June 2021


About the Swiss Digital Initiative

The Swiss Digital Initiative (SDI) is an independent, non-profit foundation headquartered in Geneva and set up in 2020 by the association digitalswitzerland and under the patronage of Federal Councillor Ueli Maurer. The SDI pursues concrete projects with the aim of safeguarding ethical standards and promoting responsible behavior in the digital world. The initiative is guided by its conviction that the time has come to focus on implementation of common values and principles, as emphasized, for example, by the UN High Level Panel on Digital Cooperation. Accordingly, the SDI aims to enhance the impact of existing initiatives and become a global pacesetter for the creation of implementation-oriented instruments and mechanisms. The SDI believes that the ethical challenges of digitalization must be tackled together with the various stakeholders from the private and public sectors as well as civil society.

Swiss roots, global reach
The SDI’s location in Geneva is no coincidence. The SDI is very much Swiss at heart and embodies many of the Swiss qualities of security, reliability and trust. At the same time, we recognize that the issue of digital ethics and trust is a global one. With this in mind, we believe our location in international Geneva puts us in a great starting position to combine Swiss values and perspectives with a global debate and international impact.

Visit the SDI website to find out more.