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Become a Digital Trust Pioneer - Get Audited

Please note that the label certification process and cost vary, depending on the complexity of the digital service to be audited. For more information regarding the audit procedure, please refer to the Code of Practice.


Candidate inquiry



Operates informative DTL website for candidate organizations

Candidate organization

Contacts SDI for more information and decides to move into the next process phase


Conducts scoping call with the candidate organization for the digital service to be audited


Arranges contract signatures between SDI, the auditor and the candidate organization





Serves as point of contact during the audit process for the candidate organization

Candidate organization

Provides all required audit documentation


Performs the audit of candidate organization


Technical review



Provides the audit report to SDI for a technical review


Reviews the audit report and decides whether the audit certificate and label can be granted


Certification awarded



Grants right to use the Digital Trust Label and transfers the IP rights to the candidate organization

Candidate organization

Displays the label for the respective digital service on their website/app


The Digital Trust Label gives organizations a way to convey their commitment to credibility (please also see our clarification here). Get audited and start building trust in your digital services today. Benefits include:

Better regulatory compliance

The regulatory landscape for digital technologies is rapidly evolving – but not always in a coordinated and clear way. This can leave companies struggling to conduct business in compliance with complex new rules. Certification based on a solid assessment can help companies navigate new and shifting regulatory landscapes

Response to growing user demands

Organizations using the Digital Trust Label signal their understanding that trust must be earned as technology, consumer expectations and business opportunities evolve. The Digital Trust Label puts the user at the heart of the experience.

Competitive advantage through credible trustworthiness

By signing up for the Digital Trust Label, you agree to an audit as part of the certification process. This sends a strong signal to your users about the trustworthiness of your digital services. The Digital Trust Label makes digital services comparable and enables organizations to aspire to achieve an ambitious rating, leading to a competitive advantage.

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From Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Digital Transformation to Data Privacy and Cybersecurity, our partners for the Digital Trust Label are experts in topics closely connected to building digital trust. With these collaborations, SDI reinforces the focus on advancing Digital Trust expertise globally!

BearingPoint, ELCA Group, and Eviden (an Atos business) are our partners of the Digital Trust Label! PwC Switzerland is also supporting the Label with a dedicated offering.

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Label cost

The total cost for the label consists of the auditing and label fee. Both fees depend on the complexity of the digital service to be audited. For more information regarding the label cost, please refer to the Code of Practice.

The total label cost

The total label cost consists of:

  • Auditing fee, charged by the auditor
  • Label fee, charged by SDI

Purpose of the label fee

The label fee will be used to cover the cost of:

  • Label development
  • Label communication
  • Quality assurance
  • Administration and resources
  • Market research

Included in the label fee

Organizations receive the following benefits over the course of the label validity period:

  • Communication about newly certified member
  • Visibility on the DTL website
  • Invitations to DTL events