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Labelled Services

Once a digital service has successfully passed our rigourous audit and the Digital Trust Label is awarded, the digital service is added to the list below.

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Magnum Go

Magnum Go is a cloud-based underwriting solution that can help your business increase sales, cut costs and deliver instant underwriting decisions to your customers, with confidence.

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With Electronic Seal, Swisscom offers a blockchain-based electronic seal for companies that can guarantee the forgery protection (authenticity and immutability) of data.

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CSX Onboarding

CSX is the all-in-one banking service for every day by Credit Suisse. The Digital Trust Label has been awarded for the onboarding process on the mobile app.

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PeopleWeek HRIS

PeopleWeek offers a module-based Human Resources Information System to optimise HR processes within organisations.

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CredEx Service

With CredEx Credit Exchange offers a platform for bringing together lenders and creditors for real estate financing.

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Verify the Digital Trust Label

Should you encounter the Digital Trust Label when using a digital service and want to be sure that the service is indeed certified, thanks to technology by SICPA you can verify a Label certificate below, either by scanning the QR code on the Label certificate or by uploading it.
With the Verifier you can be sure that indeed a digital service has been awarded the Digital Trust Label.